Are you…

Disclaimer: This poem is not about me ( I wish it was, but it is not). It is based on feelings that ‘I felt’ when I saw a photograph of a man with his shades on – It was a powerful picture that spoke volumes (to me). This poem is an expression of my perception of his ‘probable’ feelings. And as we all know perception are just that – perceptions !!! But the picture moved me enough to help me create this little poem reflecting – resignation, annoyance, pride, courage, determination, helplessness as well as hope of self-perseverance. For that I am very grateful.


You said you wanted to see my eyes

Are you brave enough?
To look into them
Without shuffling on your feet?
Can you bear to see the pain
And not squirm
Or fidget with your scarf?

Will you flinch when you see the raw anger
That oozes out…seeps
Simply because it’s tired of raging
Do you have the nerve to face
Your own sadness
Reflected in my eyes?

Can you stand quietly,
And not drop words
Of sympathy
Like coins in an empty box?
Nor look away
Because you cannot bear to feel my pain

If your answer is – Yes
Then I will undress my eyes
And let yours see thru mine.


Picture Credit – From the Internet – Hugh Laurie (Edited by Rachna Sharma Sirtaj)


Wishing you a fabulous day ahead…filled with Lots of Love & an abundance of Peace.

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That’s it…(Elfje)



Flames leap

Ready to devour

Body empty and derelict



Wishing you a fabulous day ahead
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My little Buddha.

2014-05-11 20

There he is.

Surrounded by silence.

The little light flickers, casting a shadow,

Shadow, that looms large upon him.

Encompasses his being.

Smoke – coils and recoils.

Seems to move

His immovable being.

Through layers of darkness;

Into layers of Light.

Intertwined & enmeshed.

From darkness to light

Through flux into Peace.

Changing forms, shifting shapes;

Nothing to everything

Finite to Infinite

My little Buddha

Grows silently,

Within his own shadow.



Picture Credit: Rachna Sharma Sirtaj

Wishing you a fabulous day ahead.
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But for now…


Leaving behind long shadows
The sun heads homewards
To slumber through another starry night

Throwing casually
Over it’s shoulders
A soft cashmere of cool breeze

Moving through chirpy notes
Wafting thru soft evening light

Dreaming already of a bright tomorrow
Laced with hope, brimming with life
Another milestone in eternity

Another tomorrow
Another chance to live
Another dance into infinite time

But for now – night is the calling
A destination … A resting place.



Wishing you a fabulous day ahead.
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