Take off that Mask !


Lonely & exhausted

You wear this mask

Day in and day out

Carrying the charade

You think you must.
You begin to forget

Who you really are


That mask

Your protection


Your barrier

Between you




Alienates and crumbles

Fragments your sense of self

Tears into your integrity


How did you forget?

The core of your being

Your beautiful soul

The one that exists without masks

Intrinsically quiet and observant

Willing to open up its fragrance to the world


So, why do you cover all that beauty

With that unforgiving mask
Yes, life has been tough

Yes, you surrendered

Took the incentive

And raised your barriers


But you are beautiful

Despite the tears that stain your cheeks

With all that you think is imperfect within

Along with broken dreams

And that abyss of  sorrow

Unmet desires

And unfulfilled yearnings

Despite infidelities

And broken trust


You are vast

You are infinite

Yes, you feel small

But (k)No(w) that you are not
You are powerful

You are love

You are courage



And you are here

And you are now
You stand tall

You own this space

You own your thoughts
Feel the eternal & the finite

For you are

The unmasked master of your destiny



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Wishing you a fabulous day ahead…filled with Lots of Love & an abundance of Peace.

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